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Indoor and Outdoor Uplighting

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Up-lighting at a wedding – both inside and outdoors – serves both practical and aesthetic purposes by creating a cost-effective personalised, magical & enchanting environment while also providing functional benefits. It is possibly the highest impact décor for the cost that you can get.

It's known by many different names: up-lighting, mood lighting, architectural room lighting, painting with light; but, whether inside or out, if you've ever seen a venue before and after up-lighting has been installed, then you'll appreciate the transformation that takes place and know the value of this service.

Painting features with light at Poles Hall, Hanbury Manor, Ware
Lighting up the trees outside

Indoor Uplighting

Benefits include:-

  • Ambiance and Atmosphere:
    Used in quantities, our up-lighters provide impressive colourful ambient lighting – either to the whole room or a specific section of the room, adding interest to a dull wall or corner.  In bright sunlight, the effect will be subtle, and will in no way overpower the rest of your reception decorations, but rather enhance it.  Then, as night time falls and the tone of your reception changes, it can give the biggest WOW! factor imaginable by adding interest to the space, and allowing you to keep the main lighting to a minimum or even turned off.
  • Highlighting Architectural Features:
    Placed close to beautiful features of the room, such as pillars, corbels and cornicing, statues, arches, etc will draw attention to their decorative appeal and make them look magnificent. 
  • Colour Coordination:
    The lighting can be set in colour(s) of your choice to paint the walls with light and match your wedding’s colour scheme, or programmed to scroll through all the colours of the spectrum.  As with all our services, you tell us the effect you want to achieve, and we will do everything possible to make your vision a reality.

Up-lighting is suitable for most venues, however, we wouldn’t recommend up-lighting for wood-panelled rooms; for walls of a dark colour; or for areas with lots of large windows or doors.

Up-lighting venue features at a wedding
Up-lighting the Garden Court, Hanbury Manor, Ware, Herts

Outdoor Uplighting

Benefits include:-

  • Continue to Enjoy Outdoor Area After Dark:
    Uplighting can dramatically transform the ambiance of any outdoor area of your wedding venue. Even if you can’t go outside due to the weather, by strategically placing lights around trees, architectural elements, or other focal points, you can create a magical, romantic and enchanting atmosphere.
  • Versatility:
    As well as making the outside of your wedding venue beautiful, it can also serve a practical purpose by giving enough light to allow you to continue to enjoy the area after dark; not to mention the great photo opportunities for lasting memories.
  • Personalisation and Style:
    Make the venue your own by co-ordinating the colours of the lighting with the rest of your wedding, or go mad and create a multi-colour enchanted forest for your and your guests to enjoy: the choice is yours.
Uplighting trees
Uplighting trees shown with our festoon lighting

Photos on this page show our uplighting in both Poles Hall and the Garden Court at Hanbury Manor, Ware; Brook Farm, Cuffley; and The Lansdowne Club in Central London, as well as other wedding venues, but we have provided uplighting in many other venues all over Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Berkshire, London and further afield.

Why not team with our DJ service or our festoon lighting to receive a multi-service discount?

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DJing a tipi wedding reception
Festoon lighting in hertfordshire

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