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Large Screen Projection

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Hiring a projector for your wedding can be a great idea for various reasons, as it adds a unique and dynamic element to the event. Here are some reasons why you might choose to incorporate a projector (and screen, if you don’t have a blank wall at your venue) into your wedding:

Photo and Video Montages:

  • Create photo or video montages that showcase your journey from childhood to the present. A projector and screen provide a larger-than-life display for these memories, allowing guests to enjoy and reminisce about the your history.

Wedding Slideshow:

  • A projector can be used to display a slideshow of pictures, showcasing special moments in the your relationship, engagement, and other significant milestones. This can be a sentimental and visually appealing addition to the wedding.

Displaying video messages:

  • If you've also booked us to supply your music and DJ, we can connect the projector to the DJ system and use our projector to display pre-recorded video messages from friends or family who couldn't attend, with the audio playing over the PA.
Large screen projection wedding slideshow
Photograph of wall projection

Interactive Elements:

  • Providing you have booked us for your music and DJ, and subject to your venue having good internet connection, we can even arrange a live 2-way video call (eg: WhatsApp or Zoom) with a family member or friend who can't attend your wedding. The friend/family member will be projected, and both sides of the conversation will be played over the PA.
  • Guests or a photographer can take photos, and these images can be displayed for everyone to enjoy.

Speeches and Toasts:

  • Projectors can be used to display visual aids during speeches and toasts. This could include slideshows, quotes, or other visuals that enhance the impact of the words being spoken.

Funky Visuals:

  • If you're planning a more off-beat, non-traditional evening party and you don't want to have a slideshow running all night, we could instead run some funky visuals.

Our Projector

We can provide a quality ultra-short-throw projector which can present high quality images from a very short distance, which means that you can have bigger projected image in a limited space. It can project a 46” image (more than 120cm) with the projector less than 12cm away! - and further away, the projected image is larger.

Projector and projection
Projection mock-up with measurements

However, please be aware that, although the projector we use is a high-quality, high lumens one, brightly lit rooms are not ideally suited for projection.  In these cases, it would be best to locate the projector set up in the darkest corner of the room, or wait until the natural light fades somewhat before starting the show.

Projections are incredibly difficult for us non-photographers to photograph well, but, with the exception of the 'mock-up', all other photos above are of graphics and images projected on to a blank wall by our projector.

If your venue doesn’t have a suitable blank wall, we can also supply a large electric projection screen as well.

Great Add-On

Consider hiring our projector as an add on to our all-day or evening DJ services to take full advantage of the available projector options mentioned above, not to mention our multi-service discount.

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Dancing to our evening wedding DJ
Wedding DJ with lighting

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