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Festoon Lighting

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Festoon lighting is ideal for weddings with vintage, bohemian or rustic vibes. With 2 long strings available, each measuring 29.5m (32ft), we can supply up to 59m (64ft) of festoon lighting either inside or outside.

Suggested Uses

Suggested uses include:-

  • Between Trees:
    Hang them between trees to create a romantic and intimate setting.
Festoon lighting for wedding ceremony aisle
Hertfordshire festoon lighting at Brook Farm Cuffley
  • Pathway Lighting:
    Illuminate pathways or walkways with festoon lights. This not only adds a practical element by providing light for guests but also contributes to the overall ambiance.
  • Reception Decor:
    Hang festoon lights across the reception area to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They work well both indoors and outdoors, providing soft, ambient lighting for dining and socialising.
  • Overhead Canopies:
    Create overhead canopies or swags of festoon lights above patio dining / drinking areas. This can define different sections of the reception space and add a magical touch to the overall decor.
Festoon string lights in the daytime
Festoon lighting with uplighting at Hertfordshire wedding
  • Marquee Decor:
    If your wedding includes a marquee, festoon lights can be draped along the ceiling or around the perimeter to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. They can also add a touch of elegance to the tented space.
  • Draped Over Trees and Foliage:
    Wrap festoon lights around trees or drape them over branches to create a magical, fairy-tale-like setting. This works particularly well for outdoor weddings with a garden or woodland theme.

Festoon lighting can be versatile and adaptable to various wedding styles, adding a warm and enchanting glow to the celebration.

Why not combine with our external up-lighting to create a truly dramatic effect?

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Festoon lighting and uplighting at Hertfordshire wedding
Festoon lighting at marquee wedding, near St Albans, Herts

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