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When people think about hiring a DJ for their wedding, many people only think of the evening party, but here at Corabar Entertainment, we love nothing better than being involved from start to finish.

We can supply services that will have a huge impact throughout your whole day – from the moment you arrive at your chosen venue for your Wedding or Civil Partnership Ceremony, through to the end of the night when you leave your reception.

As each part of our service can be taken separately and has so many options and choices, we can truly build a bespoke package that reflects your personality and help turn your vision in to a reality.

So, what exactly can we do for you?


Our involvement starts long before your wedding day.  We like to get to know our clients as much as possible, and encourage you to give us lots of general information about you, your likes, your dislikes, and how you see your wedding day.  If possible, we'd love to meet with you – preferably either at your reception venue where, together, we can try and paint a picture of what it will look like and what will happen on your big day, or at your home where it's easier for us to get a real flavour of your personalities.

You will also have your own on-line planning area that you can go back to time and time again to add information to your planning form, timeline, and music requests.  Many couples have said to us that they were so grateful for these tools, because it made them consider so many things that they hadn't thought about, and helped them organise their ideas and decide what was important to them.

If you would like to see an example of client area, please click here.  You can log in to our demo area using the event date 1 January 2016 and the password: test

You can also have your guests put in a couple of requests each ahead of time by using our guest request system, which you can test for yourself by clicking here and entering the group name: testclientgroup and the password: test

Your Ceremony

This is what the whole day is about, so you want everything to be perfect – including the music.

Rather than relying on temperamental CD-Rs, or having highly-compressed music playing through speakers designed for home use with one of your guests or the Registrar nominated to press the 'Play' button at the correct time, imagine all your guests arriving with crystal clear music playing gently through very discrete speakers that most of your guests won't even notice.  Then, as soon as you set foot down the aisle laid with our plush red carpet tiles, your chosen entrance music starts and gently fades out at the appropriate time...

We can make this happen, and more.

Your Drinks Reception

Music and Announcements

Before your wedding breakfast starts, or in between your wedding breakfast and your evening reception, you may be having a drinks reception in a different room.  Depending on the location, we can either set up a small stand-alone system, or wireless speakers as a satellite to the main PA to play background music during this part of your special day.

Not only does this add a splash of your personality to the drinks reception, it also means that announcements can be made over the PA system calling your guests for the receiving line and/or wedding breakfast / evening reception, and so helps keep your day running to schedule.


In days gone by, all your guests would bring a gift along to the wedding reception and leave it on the present table.  These days, many guests bring along a card containing vouchers or a cash gift, which can pose a bit of a problem for you – making sure that they are kept together and don't get lost!

Corabar Entertainment can provide you with a very pretty wishing well postbox, decorated with flower garlands to compliment your colour scheme and topped off with a frame containing a personalised message or poem, so that all your cards and gifts can be kept safe, secure and together.

Your Wedding Breakfast

Table Plan

One of the first things many guests do when arriving at a wedding reception is check the seating plan to find out where they will be sitting for the wedding breakfast, and who else is on their table.

Although a very practical item, there is no reason why it can't be displayed in a beautiful way utilising our decorative easel and frame.  We will even create your table plan for you, if you like.

Room Décor

Picture your venue all decked out ready for your wedding breakfast, with chair covers and sashes to match your wedding theme; flowers frozen in ice pyramids at the centre of each table; maybe with a large ice sculpture up near the top table, or another prominent position; behind the top table, metres and metres of soft draping gently lit up; plus all around the room a gentle colour wash of up-lighting to match your colours, or maybe one or two architectural features highlighted in purple, blue, pink, or more or less any colour. 

After checking the table plan, your guests walk into the room and..... WOW!

The Meal

Maybe you imagine gentle piano music playing in the background, or a string quartet playing modern tracks in an unfamiliar way, or love songs, or maybe even wall-to-wall Beatles tracks.  Whatever your imagination can conceive, if it is physically possible, we will make it happen!

Why not also have a large screen and projector showing photographs of you and your partner?    The night you met, your first date, your first holiday together, any and all snaps that your friends and family have taken of you, then on to the main event: the photos that your guests have already taken that day using digital cameras displayed on the big screen.

At the end of the meal, it's time for the speeches.  As many people aren't used to public speaking, they often speak much quieter, but Corabar Entertainment can help here too: wireless microphones are on hand to boost the volume and help even your guests at the back of the hall hear what your Best Man is saying about you both!

After the meal and the speeches, the next formality is usually the cutting of the cake, which your DJ will gladly announce for you so that none of your guests miss the photo opportunity.

The Evening Reception

And so we reach the final section of your wedding day.  The evening reception covers between one-third and a half of your whole day, and for your evening guests it will be the only memories they take away of your wedding.  It is the time when you celebrate your marriage, and let your hair down surrounded by all your friends and family, and, although there are a few formalities yet to take place, it is generally the least formal part of the day.

With the music now gaining a little in pace as a transition from the background music of the day through to the party of the evening, and the up-lighting becoming more vivid and stunning as the daylight fades from the room, the slide show continues to play so that all your evening guests can see the elements of the day that they missed, and the queues for the candy cart and the bar starts to grow.

For a while, people chat and catch up, you finally get to speak to everyone who has come along to help you celebrate, and a few people start to dance.  Before you know it, announced by your DJ,  it's time for the evening buffet!

After everyone has had their fill, your DJ picks up the microphone and calls for everyone's attention.  He asks all those present to gather around as he announces you for your first dance as a married couple.  As you step on to the beautiful, glossy black and white dance floor, or a white floor now lit up with twinkling LEDs, a round of applause and a cheer goes up from your guests, and you dance with the love of your life to the special song that you have chosen.  Maybe you would prefer not to be on the dance floor on your own for the entire song, so your DJ can help you out here by asking other couples to join you on the dance floor to keep you company.

With everyone already on the dance floor, it's the perfect spring board for turning the DJ lighting on full and kick-starting the party!

You may have a few more traditions you'd like to observe during the evening – such as throwing the bouquet, or removing and tossing the garter, but with the evening now in full swing, it's time to open the photo booth so that any one not on the dance floor can have their picture taken as a keepsake, or leave you a video message.

Between the bar, the candy cart or the savoury nibbles buffet, the slide show, the photo booth, the disco, and the dance floor action, you and your guests will be spoilt for choice for entertainment to keep you going right through until the end of the night, when you can either choose to slip away quietly, or have your DJ to finish with a traditional wedding arch or circle to give you the opportunity to personally thank each of your guests for sharing the most important day of your lives.


As well as contacting you to make sure that you were satisfied with everything on the day, if we ran a big screen slide show on the day, we will send you copies of all the images provided to us by your friends and family.  You will similarly receive copies of all photos and video messages taken in the photo booth on a USB stick.

Finally, our DJs often (although not always) manage to take some photographs during the evening, and if these come out well, we will gladly send you copies of these too.  Many couples appreciate this, as the party on the dance floor is usually the one area of their reception that they have few photographs of.

So, that's what we can do for you on your wedding day, and you can mix, match and choose those elements you think are right for you.

About us

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